Sophia Sarhidai

Sophia Sarhidai - visual artist, fairytale drawings

Visual Artist,
Author of the drawing and painting training for women
Leader of the Creative Happiness Workshop

My dream has come true:

It is a great joy for me to help women who are eager to create and learn something new in their free time…
I have created the online drawing trainings and I host Creative Happiness days, Painting Parties and Mom & Daughter painting clubs. I have hosted more than 100 creative events in the past 3 years, most of them in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary.

Sophia Sarhidai - Painting Party

My fairy tale drawings:

I have loved drawing since I was 2 years old; my favorite way to spend my time at home and in the nursery were the times when I could draw. Probably this was the most productive part of my life. I participated in every drawing contest possible. In school, I loved drawing illustrations and scenes for children stories, novels and theatre plays. It is still the same today. The characters in my drawings are fantasy figures, fairies, magic trees, birds, and imaginary scenes.

Sophia Sarhidai - Fairytale drawing

My favorites:

My favorite art mediums include colored pencils, pastel pencils, watercolor pencils, and oil pastels.
I like drawing in great detail; sometimes I can work for days on some of my drawings. I like drawing alone, away from everyone, but I love sharing my expertise, knowledge and secrets with others, so I video all my drawings!
Besides drawing my other hobby is music: I have been playing the violin since I was nine years old. I have even had the opportunity to travel the world with the string orchestra: We have had the opportunity to play in Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Geneva, Wien, and Tel Aviv.

Sophia Sarhidai - I play the violin in orchestra.
I get inspiration for my drawings from traveling, music, my dreams, my desires and stories. I love colors, and my favorites are blue, burgundy, purple and green.
I like laughing, and making others laughing to cheer them up. I am forever optimistic; I always find the good, and beautiful and motivating things in life…

My goals:

I try to bless my audience with joyful moments through my drawings.
Through these trainings, my desire is to bless as many women as possible with a joyful and creative hobby that they can enjoy for years to come.

Sophia Sarhidai

My job and my hobby:

My job is my hobby, I spend most of my time drawing and that not only makes me happy, but I can help others to get happier as well.
Get inspiration for artwork…

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With love:
Sophia Sarhidai
Become a creative & happy woman!