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 A FREE series of lessons on how to create at home:
I have developed my online lessons for you, that you will be able to learn new methods and have fantastic experiences through a liberating process of creation.

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Here are three things you will love about my FREE e-course:

  • Fun, creativity-development, drawing and music exercises
  • Step by step drawing and painting exercises for stress relief and spiritual healing.
  • Topics about discovering yourself, femininity and practical steps about how to live a happy life.
With this FREE e-course I will bring these new experiences from my Creative Happiness Workshop to your doorstep.

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Sophia Sarhidai
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Sophia Sarhidai

During the training, I will send you lessons, videos, as well as drawing and painting exercises to help you to be a balanced, happy and creative woman. I will help you find new momentum in your life and satisfy your long forgotten creative desires that are very much part of your real self. I will show you methods I use, when I create something at home or in my workshop.

Sophia Sarhidai